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When will goldshell kd6 restock

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When will goldshell kd6 restock


About goldshell kd6


When it comes to the nobility of the 21-year coin circle, the dark horse, the king. That must be KDA, the increase is more than a hundred times, the income is crushing any large computer on the market, it is infinite scenery, and a machine is difficult to find. If anyone is the most beautiful, it’s KDA. Before we get to goldshell KD6, let’s take a look at the company.


Goldshell Miner is an industry-leading technology company. Founded in 2017, we focus on high-performance mining machines and applications. Over the past few years, Goldshell Miner has completed the development, mass production, and sales of various cryptocurrency mining machines, including LTC, CKB, HNS, and Sia. Goldshell Miner is headquartered in Shanghai and has offices in Hangzhou, Hong Kong, Singapore, and other places. At present, R&D personnel accounts for more than 70% of the company. The core team has more than 10 years of experience in the integrated circuit field. With the goal of becoming an excellent blockchain computing power provider and promoting the development of the industry, Jinbei has established an efficient operation system from algorithm research, and mass production to delivery based on a solid core team and excellent system capability. Golden Shell improves the computing performance and competitiveness of its products and provides high-performance, highly reliable computing infrastructure and services for the development of the digital economy. In particular, our home Mining Machine-Box series has allowed more customers to join the market. Our products are small in size, quiet, affordable, and beginner-friendly, allowing everyone to start mining at home. More importantly, Goldshell Miner has put a lot of effort into community development, and we believe that a strong connection to the community is the foundation of a good brand. goldshell kd6 is a Goldshell Miner released in April 2022. It weighs 8.5kg and has a power of 2630W. It uses the KDA-specific Blake2S algorithm and is known as KDA’s new darling due to its largest hash rate of 29.2th/s.

Goldshell kd6 profitability


So how profitable is goldshell kd6? Looking at the chart below, we compare the yields of kd6 and goldshell kd5.

goldshell kd6 VS goldshell kd5

When we assume the electricity price of 0.1 USD/kWh, it can be seen from the comparison chart that the rate of return of kd6 has increased by about 50% compared with goldshell kd5, which is obvious.


We also made a comparison between goldshell kd6 and iBeLink BM-K1. Under the same electricity price, the yield effect of the two machines is shown as the following.

goldshell kd6 VS iBLink BM-K1

As can be seen from the figure, the return rate of kd6 increased by nearly 70% compared with that of iBeLink BM-K1. Therefore, it has to be said that goldshell kd6 is truly worthy of being the new favorite of KDA.

Goldshell kd6 range of applications

The kd6 miner is undoubtedly one of the best home mining machines because it has a small mass of only 8.5kg, which makes it lighter and easier to handle than other mining machines. Antminer KA3, also used to get KDA coins, has a mass of 16.1kg, which is not suitable for use as a home mining machine. In terms of power, the goldshell kd6 itself has a power of 2630W. As an air-cooled mining machine, this means that it will generate less heat than other high-power mining machines, so when we mine at home, it can be more convenient to deal with the heat.


The kd6 miner also has a size advantage, measuring just 26.4 x 20 x 29 cm, about the size of an old-fashioned DVD. This means you don’t have to worry about it taking up too much space in your home, which makes it easy to mine at home.

Why is goldshell kd6 restocked?

We have analyzed that it is still profitable to get KDA coins, so we believe that miners can restock the kd6 while it is still cost-effective. Whether you already have kd6 miner or are ready to start it, when the current profit is relatively considerable, you can carry out appropriate replenishment, while ensuring your profit, but also can quickly recover the cost, and even you can make a fortune, which is what we expect. Because the price trend of KDA is relatively stable and even has room to rise in the current cryptocurrency market, why don’t we restock goldshell kd6 immediately and make more money while there is still a chance to profit?

goldshell kd6

How to buy goldshell kd6

If you agree with the above suggestions and want to buy goldshell kd6, we will help you the most. X-ON Mining is one of the largest mining machine suppliers in China, we can provide you with any model you need. We have been operating in the cryptocurrency mining industry for more than ten years. We have a very rich industry experience and a very strong technical team, which can help you solve any problems in the mining industry. If you are a cryptocurrency enthusiast, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

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