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Bitmain Antminer S19 pro hyd’s advantages

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Bitmain Antminer S19 pro hyd’s advantages


Since Bitmain Antminer S19 pro hyd launched its new generation of mining machines, it has been praised by all miners for its irresistible excellent performance. Once the Antminer S19 pro hyd was launched, it attracted the attention of miners around the world with various advantages over other mining machines. So why is the first product to combine liquid cooling with higher computing power attracting so much attention? Let’s take a look at the Antminer S19 pro hyd’s advantages over other traditional mining machines.

Antminer S19 Pro+ hyd

1.Design advantages


Bitcontinent makes the correct changes necessary for the mining machine compared to traditional mining machines because of the unique water-cooling system, which means there are no bare wires extending from one end to the other, ensuring the safety of the machine’s wiring. Meanwhile, the design of this mining machine is different from other bitcoin mining machines in Bitmain because of its fashionable new design, which makes it very suitable for large-scale mining. Of course, Antminer S19 pro hyd can also mine other cryptocurrencies besides Bitcoin, such as Bitcoin, Curecoin, BitcoinCash, Terracoin, etc., but mining bitcoin is the most profitable.


2.Water cooling design


The Antminer S19 pro hyd’s unique water-cooled design is one of the advantages that many miners are attracted to, and one of the principles of how it works comes from the following designs.


(1) Water-cooling plate: It is a metal block made of copper or aluminum with an internal water channel, which is in contact with the ASIC chip and can absorb the heat generated by the ASIC chip. It is the main medium for heat conduction, and the thermal conductivity is 228W/ (m.℃).


(2) Circulating liquid: The liquid circulates in the pipeline through the action of the water pump. When the liquid absorbs the heat generated by the ASIC chip, it will flow away from the IC water cold plate, thus taking away the heat, and the new low-temperature circulating liquid will continue to enter and take away the system heat.


(3) Pipeline: this is the auxiliary component connecting the water pump, the water cooling block, and the cold tower, to ensure that the circulating liquid in a closed channel circulation flow and not leakage, so that the liquid cooling system maintains normal work.


(4) Power system of pump group: This is also the power guarantee of the whole water cooling system, which can provide continuous power to the whole water cooling system and ensure the normal work of the water cooling system.


The advantage of a water-cooling machine is its excellent cooling ability. For the traditional mining machine, the cooling efficiency of air cooling is only about 8%. If it is single-phase immersion oil cooling, the whole machine is soaked in oil, and the heat is taken away by the oil flow contact with the heat sink of the mining machine because the oil can not contact the chip, and the flow rate is slow, the cooling efficiency is about only 20%-35%. For water-cooled heat dissipation, since the water-cooled plate is almost zero-distance bonding to the chip, the specific heat capacity of water is larger than that of oil, and the density is ten thousand times that of air, 97% of the heat can be taken away through the rapid flow of water.


3.Computational power and efficiency


Besides to the charm of the water cooling system, the Antminer S19 pro hyd is also attractive for its outstanding computing power. As a bitcoin mining machine, it still continues to use the SHA-256 algorithm because this algorithm is known to have no vulnerabilities at present. Meanwhile, this algorithm is a one-way function with high computation speed and can resist pre-image. In short, it is one of the best cryptographic hashing algorithms. Antminer S19 pro hyd has the largest hash rate of 198TH This is a game changer for mining bitcoin. No other bitcoin miner has a higher hash rate. A high hash rate means more computing power and can verify transactions, and no other SHA-256-based miner has a higher hash rate than the S19 Pro + Hyd 198 Th. The high calculation force thinks that the calculation plate of this mining machine will have as many as 6 pieces. It is known to all that the more calculation plates, the more amazing the temperature, but its water cooling system solves this problem. The power of the S19 Pro + Hyd is 0.28J/GH, and the miner is a single punch with the largest capacity of 5445W. The high power makes synchronization with the SHA-256 algorithm safer and easier to use.


The largest voltage of the miner is 12V, and the Ethernet interface is used. Thanks to high power, you have a great miner that can mine for hours on end. It is one of the most efficient bitcoin mining machines known on the market.


4.Noise and other effects


Traditional mining machines usually use air cooling for heat dissipation, which is to use high air pressure and air volume fans for physical heat dissipation. This method will bring some problems. The first is the noise above 70DB because if you want to achieve the cooling effect, the fan must have enough power to dissipate heat, so it is inevitable to bring the impact of noise, followed by the use of fan heat dissipation, dust, nitrogen oxides and sulfides in the air will enter the system with the air to cause corrosion damage, resulting in an increase in the maintenance rate, Finally, the use of fan heat dissipation will lead to uneven heat dissipation, which will make the uniform temperature and consistency of the whole calculation plate become worse. So the water cooling system used by Antminer S19 pro hyd not only reduces noise but also minimizes the impact on other aspects.


Trust me, choosing the Antminer S19 pro hyd will not disappoint you. Let’s meet the big changes in the cryptocurrency industry!


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