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Immersion Cooling Kit C2 for sale, accommodates 2 set S19 Series miner

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The Immersion Cooling Kit C2 dissipates heat for the miner through a single loop of coolant and can accommodate two ASIC miners, so the price of use is more competitive. Streamlined design and optimized details make it easier to use and more reliable.


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Immersion Cooling Kit C2 for sale

The immersion liquid cooling kit C2 is a user-friendly immersion mining equipment specifically designed for individual miners. Its compact size allows for deployment in various locations, such as garages, offices, basements, farms, etc.

Compared to the immersion liquid cooling kit C1

Completely redesigned, more than 30 details re-engineered, user experience improved
Leakage Protection | Universal Wheels | Thermal Flow Optimization | Fluids Unloading Bolt | Higher Load

Immersion Cooling Kit C2

Following rigorous testing, the Immersion cooling kit now supports miners from Bitmain Antminer, Whatsminer, and IceRiver KAS miners.

Immersion Cooling Kit C2 12kW cooling capacity + Adaptive adjustment

At 35 °C, C2 can provide full 12kW cooling capacity. Each miner has a cooling margin of 2kW to support sufficient overclocking. 

The C2 dry cooler supports automatic frequency adjustment according to the temperature change of the coolant. It can respond to changes in ambient temperature in real-time, ensuring operation with the lowest power consumption.

Immersion Cooling Kit C2 Specifications

1. C2 Tank

Outer Size 455(L)*508(W)*536(H)mm
Inner Size 398(L)*298(W)*392(H)mm
Net Weight 40.6kg/89.5Ib
Coolant Volume 80L
Input Voltage Single-phase 200-240V
Power 180W(220V 50Hz)
Display 1.32”OLED Screen
Inlet/Outlet Temp 45/60℃

2. C2 Dry Cooler

Size 1076(L)*285(W)*531(H)mm
Power 5-400W(220V 50Hz)
Input Voltage Single-phase 200-240V 50/60Hz
Net Weight 43.3kg/95.5Ib
Intelligent Speed Tuning Automatically adjust the speedaccording to the temperature
Cooling Capacity 12kW@35℃12kW@95℉
Noise 68dB(A) 10m
EC Fan 2 pcs

Note: About the transportation of liquid cooling equipment

For most areas, the liquid cooling equipment will be shipped to you via sea freight. Ports and receiving points in different regions will incur different shipping charges. It is recommended that you contact customer service to confirm address details and calculate shipping costs before placing an order.

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