Immersion Cooling Container BC40 for sale, customized to accommodate 384 Antminer or 480 Whatsminer

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Immersion Cooling Container BC40 is a high-density immersion cooling design with the goal of providing a full-stack solution for large-scale mining customers. Support up to 384 miners (AntMiner S19/XP) or 480 miners (WhatsMiner M50/M30) inside.

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Immersion Cooling Container BC40 for sale

IMMERSION COOLING CONTAINER BC40——Designed for large-scale mining

Immersion Cooling Container BC40 Design Advantages

1. Flexible options for different scales

From 168kW to 2.02MW cooling capacity.
Customization support for clients to choose configurations according to requirements.
Mobile, integrated, and expandable.

2. Extremely low O&M costs

The Single-loop design allows to shut down each immersion tank separately, to realize minimal downtime.
Reliable and easy-to-maintain piping design.

3. All-round intelligent management system

Integrates 3 management systems: cooling control, power monitoring and security monitoring systems.

4. Ultimate cooling capacity with redundancy design

Either close water towers or dry coolers are supported, with extra redundancy of cooling capacity to adapt to a variety of extreme climates.

Immersion Cooling Container BC40 Solution Features

Supports up to 2.6MW power load.Supports up to 384x Antminer S19s or 480x Whatsminer M30/M50s.
Single-loop, easy to deploy and expand.
Integrates remote management to monitor current, voltage, and
cooling system status.
Modular design, self-contained operation with minimal maintenance cost.
External cooling supports either dry coolers or water cooling towers.
All-round remote security monitoring, CCTV, ambient temperature, smoke sensor, etc.
Supports heat recovery utilization
Electrical certification UL/CSA/CE ​
ISO standard container

Immersion Cooling Container BC40

Support customization

The BC40 MEGA supports customized external cooling options based on the deployment environment and requirements.​

geographic location | Ambient temperature Humidity | source of water | overclocking range | Run the type of mining machine

Solution 1: BC20 MEGA+Closed Water Tower

Suitable for areas with abundant water resources.

cooling tower

Solution2:  BC20 MEGA+Dry Cooler

Suitable for dry and water shortage areas.

Dry Cooler

Immersion Cooling Container BC40 Specifications

1. BC40 MEGA Container

Outer size 12192×2438×2896 mm
Inner size 315(L)*423(W)*405(H) mm
Amount of machines B24 tanks *16, to support 384 mining machines
Racks B24R racks *8
Input voltage 3-phase 350-480V 50/60Hz
Power load (max) 1.9 MW
Output voltage 200-277V, 50/60Hz
Network 1000Mbps Ethernet switch *2
Lighting LEDs
Ventilation Exhaust fans
External cooling Dry cooler or closed-circuit water cooling tower
External connector DN65*32 (2 connectors of each tank)
Internal system Including B24 tanks, B24R racks, Circulation system, Power
distribution, Network.

2.Dry Cooler – *BC40 MEGA contains 8 separate dry cooler sets

Model Dry Cooler (unit)
Capacity 350 kW@25°C
240 kW@35°C
Input voltage 3Phase, 380-415V, 50/60Hz
Power consumption 7.6 kW (1.9KW*4)
Fan 4*∅900

3.Pump – *BC40 MEGA contains 16 pumps

Model Pump (unit)
Power consumption 5.5 kW
Input voltage 3Phase, 380-415V, 50/60Hz
Net Weight 78 kg

Note: About the transportation of liquid cooling equipment

For most areas, the liquid cooling equipment will be shipped to you via sea freight. Ports and receiving points in different regions will incur different shipping charges. It is recommended that you contact customer service to confirm address details and calculate shipping costs before placing an order.

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