Whether the iPollo G1 is still worth investing in

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Whether the iPollo G1 is still worth investing in

In 2020, Zhejiang ipollo Technology Co., Ltd. displayed the world’s first Grin professional ASIC mining machine ipollo G1. The first public appearance of ipollo G1 caused a sensation in the industry. So why is this mining machine so popular and is it still worth the investment? Read on if you’re interested!

What coins does iPollo G1 mainly get? The answer is Grin, so let’s understand what Grin is first.

Grin was born in November 2016. It is a hidden cryptocurrency (anonymous coin) based on the Mimblewimble privacy protection protocol. Grin main network has been officially launched on January 16, 2019. The Grin mining algorithm Cuckatoo has two modes, c29 (graphics card miner) and c32 (Asia miner).

Now let’s look at the basic parameters of G1.

ipollo G1 mining machine is designed as a double-barrel all-in machine. The physical size of the machine is 450x202x350mm and the weight of the machine is 20.1KG.

ipollo G1 integrates the power supply and mining machine into one. On one side is the power supply, and on the other side is the Logo of IPineapple Technology, brief description of mining machine and precautions for use.

G1 mining machine cooling system uses 2 air supply, 2 air pumping a total of 4 fans, the mining machine can be placed upright or flat, convenient and flexible.

G1 is composed of chassis, power supply, calculation board, control board and cooling system. After opening the shell, you can see the connecting wires of each part of the miner. The cooling fan is powered and controlled by the control panel. Protective rubber rings are installed in the contact position between the fan and the casing. The design is thoughtful and careful to observe the small details.

Ipollo G1 miner is equipped with a HQ3580-H01 power supply, the maximum load of HQ3580-H01 power supply is 3500W, the conversion efficiency is up to 94%, can adapt to the complex mine power supply (AC input 176V~300V) demand, with IIC software communication, high reliability, good performance, It comes with one 16A power cable.

The mining machine power supply and the calculation board are connected by two whole pieces of golden bronze. The control board uses a 6pin power cord for power supply. The function of the power jumper is that it can be started without software.

G1 uses AWH3 control board, whose interfaces are defined as Ethernet interface, TF card slot, IP button, reset button and status indicator.

ipollo G1 miner has three built-in force plates, which are installed into the casing through the designed slot.

There are 10 independent heat sinks distributed on each calculation plate. The back of the calculation plate is also installed with rubber pads to prevent collisions. The heat sinks near the side of the housing are also separately installed with rubber pads to achieve all-round protection.

Continue to explore, it is found that each independent heat sink is a separate calculation plate, the independent calculation plate contains an independent chip, and the heat conduction pad used between the chip and the heat sink will guide the chip heat to the heat sink.

The ipollo G1 is equipped with 30 12nm FinFET ASIC chips, model G22. It is understood that the efficient Cuckatoo cycle computing core is built into the Grin chip, and the chip area is 38x38mm. It is the first dedicated chip supporting Grin in the world, and also the chip with the largest single area in the ASIC mining machine on the market at present.

This machine uses four 1438B DC12V 5A cooling fans to provide heat dissipation guarantee for the miner.

Its casing is aluminum alloy integrated molding process, reserved for the force plate slot and threading holes.

According to the parameters of this machine, we can see that this is a personal mining equipment suitable for family use. But it is important to note that there is a fundamental difference between individual mining and mine mining. Since individual mining is done at home, electricity costs and noise should be taken into consideration. Miners in addition to the calculation and power consumption of these points, but also look at noise heat dissipation, machine stability. From the mining equipment noise source, mainly caused by fan heat dissipation. Because the computing power chip of mining equipment is dense and large in number, it will generate a large amount of heat energy in the operation process, so the heat dissipation carried out by the fan will emit a large noise, so the selection of household mining equipment needs to pay attention to.

X-ON MINING is an old enterprise that has been dedicated to the encryption industry for decades. It enjoys numerous reputation in the industry and is recognized by encryption enthusiasts all over the world. Here you can buy not only the ipollo series, but also the Ant series, what series and Gold shell series and other mining machine models. If you have any needs, please feel free to contact us, we will give you the first time to reply.

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