Whatsminer M30S series parsing

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Whatsminer M30S series parsing

If you want to talk about what mining machine has the highest efficiency, you may think of Antminer first, but if you want to talk about what mining machine has the highest stability, I think whatsminer, especially whatsminer M30S series, is a choice that miners can’t miss. So why is the M30S series so popular with many miners? This article will take you through it slowly, but first let’s meet the manufacturer of whatsminer, microBT.

microBT introduction

microBT was founded in 2016, its main business is the research and development, production and sales of ASIC chips and products in the field of blockchain, artificial intelligence, etc. Microbt has the research and development, product design and sales capabilities of 28nm, 16nm, 8nm and 5nm dedicated chips, and provides the corresponding system solutions and technical services.

microBT has set up R&D centers in Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing, Nanjing, Hangzhou and other places. At present, microBT has about 400 employees, of which more than 70% are R&D staff. The research and development team has a number of doctoral and master’s degrees from famous universities, with an average of more than 15 years of successful research and development experience in chip design and products of well-known integrated circuit and communication companies.

microBT has a complete design process and independent core technology, which covers algorithms, fine optimization of integrated circuit microstructure, low power consumption technology, advanced chip packaging technology, system-level power supply and heat dissipation technology. These core technologies and engineering methods have been successfully verified and applied in the mass production of the company’s blockchain server chips and products.

Founded in 2016, microBT is one of the few up-and-coming miners in the industry compared to bitmain and canaan, whose whatsminer is well known both inside and outside the industry. Its products include whatsminer M30Swhatsminer M30S+ and whatsminer M30S++ and other high quality mining machines.

M30S series introduction

At present, there are 3 M30S series worth recommending, they are whatsminer M30S, whatsminer M30S+ and whatsminer M30S++, below we can see what are the differences between them.

First up is the whatsminer M30S. Let’s take a look at the product parameters.

POWER 3268 W

whatsminer M30S

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We can see that even in terms of force, M30S is still not eliminated, and the power consumption ratio is acceptable to us. Meanwhile, whatsminer has always had the advantage of stable operation for a long time, and the fluctuation range of computing power, power and temperature is small, so M30S can still be within our consideration.

Next let’s look at whatsminer M30S+.

POWER 3400 W

whatsminer M30S+

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M30S+ is better than M30S either in calculation power or power consumption ratio. However, due to the increase in calculation power, its power consumption will be relatively higher, reaching 3400W, which requires miners to make appropriate selection under their own mining conditions. However, the performance of the M30S+ has been surpassed in every way, even if the power consumption is ignored.

Finally, let’s take a look at the most cost-effective mining machine in the M30S series whatsminer M30S++.

POWER 3472 W

whatsminer M30S++

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In terms of performance, the M30S++ has surpassed the previous two mining machines in all aspects, both in computing power and power consumption ratio. Like the M30S+, more computing means more power, and it will cost more, giving miners more to think about. But there is no doubt that all three whatsminer models will be the best mining options available today.


Advantages of the M30S series

So what are the advantages of the M30S series that we admire so much? We can see this in the following points.

① Low electricity rate:

Mechanical and electrical fees in bit mine generally account for A relatively high, assuming that the static return days of mine A and mine B are the same, the mechanical and electrical fees in mine A account for 90%, mine B account for 50%. If the currency price doubles and the whole network calculation power remains unchanged, the income of A miner will increase by 100%÷10%=10 times, and the income of B miner will only increase by 100%÷50%=2 times.

② Strong stability:

whatsminer is not picky about the mine environment and has a very low damage rate during relocation. The M30S series machine runs stably, the board drops off and the line drops infrequently, belongs to the model which is easy to transport and maintain, and the machine runs stably.

③ Low power consumption ratio and high safety margin:

The power consumption ratio of mining machine is low, the income obtained by single machine is high, the shutdown coin price is correspondingly lower, and the safety margin of investment is higher. Assuming there is an extreme market, what M30 series can also maintain profitability, but also can enjoy the safety cushion brought by the reduced difficulty caused by the forced shutdown of other models, the number of coins mining increased, and may even accompany miners into the next half cycle.

④ Long shelf life:

The ultra-long 1-year warranty time of the miner can make miners feel at ease in digging. A great improvement of the M30S series is that the temperature of the miner is well controlled, and the temperature difference of the chip in the middle is no more than 2 degrees. Good heat dissipation of mining machine directly reduces the risk of failure of mining machine.

Due to low power consumption ratio, strong stability, long shelf life and other characteristics, in the current market, what second-hand mining machine cost performance is very high.


How to buy whatsminer M30S series

If you need to purchase whatsminer M30S series, you can contact us. X-ON Mining has any model you want, whether it’s the whatsminer M30S, whatsminer M30S+ or whatsminer M30S++. We have been in the mining engine industry for more than ten years, you can trust us, we have the best technical team, can timely deal with any problems about mining machines. Each of our customers have cooperated with us, have given us a good evaluation, if you need to cooperate with us, please contact us, we will give you a timely reply.

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