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Water cooling upgrade test of Antminer S19Pro

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Water cooling upgrade test of Antminer S19Pro

I believe that everyone knows about Antminer S19pro. Antminer S19Pro is the maximum computing product of the air-cooled series and mining machine. It has obtained many miners with 110T computing power, 3250W power consumption, and a 29.5W/t energy efficiency ratio. The recognition, in the wind and cold radiator mining machine products, Antminer S19Pro is the first mining machine model for many miners.


Antminer S19Pro’s water cooling from the wind and cooling to Antminer S19Pro HYD realized the stable operation of the water-cooled radiator mining machine with 180T, but in the current era, the miners need not only a large computing force, just an oversized computing power Mining machines but according to market fluctuations, make miners have more choices. Making many miners can get better benefits and higher safety in different periods and different markets.


Therefore, today X-ON MINING will differentiate computing power from 110T to 18T. Calculating the power consumption of the power supply under different computing power indicators, and the power consumption ratio of the machine. The most friendly computing power indicator.

In the future, in the era of superb calculation power of water cooling, we hope that miners can use the load, electricity costs, and market fluctuations, and self -choice what computing power consumption indicators can be used for long-term operation.


7000W Ultra Water Cold Power Supply

With different computing power selections, the actual power consumption is different. The customized 7000W large power supply is the largest output indicator.


Requires the support of multiple computing power data

We need to test the power consumption of the most stable chip frequency and calculation board. After technical testing, the following standards are finally selected, and the miners only need to choose according to their situation.


Antminer S19Pro’s water cooling upgrade test step

  1. Test name: Antminer S19Pro’s water cooling performance experiment
  2. Test purposes: After completing the water cooling upgrade, under different computing power, actual power consumption.
  3. Test environment: wind-cooling Antminer S19Pro, water-cooled tower, water-cooled upgrade accessories, mining pool system.
  4. Test steps: A) Data test of water-cooled machine upgrade water cooling machine B) Data test under different computing power


The following is the case of comparison of mining machine power consumption under different computing power.

antminer s19pro

After the test, the water-cooled power supply was changed to a three-phase flight in the later stage, and after the improvement of the copper bars of the output circuit, it is expected that it can also be optimized by 2-3%of the power conversion to achieve the overall energy efficiency ratio. This is also verified on the other hand. After removing the fan of the original mining machine, it will be improved for heat dissipation of water-cooled plates. The power consumption of the mining machine will decrease and the energy efficiency ratio will be increased.


Let’s review the process of the entire Antminer S19Pro upgrade water cooling heat dissipation:

  1. Let’s first let our X-ON Mining sales staff prepare a second-hand Antminer S19Pro air-cooled mining machine. Although it is a second-hand mining machine, it is still like a new one, and the overall computing power has no effect.

antminer s19 pro

  1. Remove the housing, fan, and computing board of the mining machine.

antminer s19 pro

  1. Remove the fan heat sink and prepare for upgrading the water and cold heat dissipation.

antminer s19 pro

  1. Cleaning the dust off the power board and the fragments. After the machine passes, the computing power board will be contaminated with a lot of dust after use of time.

mining machines

  1. Take out the water-cooled upgrade set and prepare to upgrade.

antminer s19pro

  1. Apply silicone grease on the chip of the calculation board. This step can play a role in waterproofing and dustproof.

Antminer S19Pro HYD

  1. Install the water and cold radiator. Be sure to align the power board during the installation process.

antminer s19 pro

  1. After the three computing power boards are installed, the water pipe interface is installed.

Antminer S19Pro HYD

  1. Get the various connection lines of the calculation board and put the inside of the return case.

antminer s19 pro

  1. Replace the power of the machine with water -cooled power supply.

antminer s19pro

  1. Connect the mining machine to the water-cooled tower.

antminer s19 pro

The entire upgrade process has been completed, and some results will be achieved!

Because there are many test data samples this time, we have chosen three sets of data that are more representative for testing:

Mode 1 (60%of the computing power improvement)

Computing power: 178.4T

Power consumption: 6560W

Chip temperature: 60 ℃

Test market: 15min

Energy efficiency ratio: 36.78W/T

Hashrate increase: 68.4T

Power Consumption Ratio after Hash Rate Increase: 48.5W/T

antminer s19pro

mining machines

The test time in this mode is relatively short because there are too many models this time. In addition, this water-cooled power supply is an initial product. It also needs to make some adjustments to the layout plan and output of the power supply. Testing, so this test time is short. August 2022. The standard 7000W PSU will be tested by industry standards after mass production.


Therefore, the chip temperature under this scheme is only a short-term value. The normal chip temperature should be about 70 ° C under the test of this mode.



Mode 2 (30%computing power improvement)

Computing power: 144.36T

Power consumption: 4496W

Chip temperature: 53-57 ℃

Test market: 62min

Energy efficiency ratio: 31.14W/T

Hashrate increase: 34.36t

Power Consumption Ratio after Hash Rate Increase: 36.25W/T

antminer s19 pro

antminer s19pro

Mode 3 (15%computing power improvement)

Computing power: 127.58T

Power consumption: 3678W

Chip temperature: 50-52 ℃

Test market: 60min

Energy efficiency ratio: 28.81w/t

Hashrate increase: 17.58T

Power Consumption Ratio after Hash Rate Increase: 24.23W/T

mining machines

antminer s19pro

The current test of the three groups of the test (maybe more than three modes, but at this stage due to the influence of other factors, only these three sets are currently displayed), due to the influence of various factors such as electricity bills and cryptocurrencies. Selection, all modes can be a simple operation, without having to manually change each machine, which greatly improves the work efficiency.


The shortcomings in this experiment:

To ensure fast testing, the first -generation water-cooled power supply crosses the appearance and does not use the airhead input voltage. Therefore, the power conversion of the first generation of products has room for improvement.

antminer s19 pro

The copper strip uses the power output to the mining machine as water -cooled power supply to replace the past wire output, which greatly solves the output problem with large voltage. Big optimization and improvement.

If these two problems can be solved, the water-cooled Antminer S19Pro should have a power consumption ratio similar to the original air-cooled S19Pro mining machine in the case of 30%.


Thank you for your reading, please continue to pay attention to X-ON MINING, we will continue to bring more articles about mining machines. If you want to know the latest price of Antminer S19pro, please click here, or contact us to get the latest offer.

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