Newest Bitmain antminer E9 Introduction

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Newest Bitmain antminer E9 Introduction

Recently, Bitmain antminer E9 is officially ready for sale. When Antminer E9 released its computing power in the early stage, it attracted the attention of many miners. In terms of core parameters, the computing power of Bitmain antminer E9 can reach 3GH/S, which is officially claimed to be equivalent to 32 pieces of RTX. 3080, if you use 120MH/S RTX 3090 to convert, it is equivalent to 25 RTX 3090, if you use 26MH/S CMP 30HX to convert, it is equivalent to 115 CMP 30HX, so, E9 is the current income One of the highest bitcoin miners.

bitmain antminer e9

Of course, antminer E9 for sale,while the computing power of E9 is high, its power consumption also reaches 2556 watts, and the efficiency is very high, which is 0.85J/M. Based on the unit price of $0.13 per kilowatt-hour of electricity in the United States, the daily mining revenue of Bitmain antminer E9 is expected to be $236.

Bitmain antminer E9

In addition, the computing power of 3GH/S may become the most efficient mining machine on the market. The antminer E9 price for sale is expected to be between 20,000 and 30,000 US dollars. It will take about 85-127 days to pay back after one investment. Buying 25 RTX 3090s is a good deal. After all, buying 25 3090s costs $75,000, and it takes 311 days to pay back.

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