Learn about Avalon 1346

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Learn about Avalon 1346


Avalon 1346 is a highly profitable cryptocurrency mining machine that is considered one of the most efficient and cost-effective on the market. It’s a product of Canaan, the famous cryptocurrency mining machine maker, which since 2013 has been known for producing the best cryptocurrency mining equipment in the world. Also boosting the machine’s profitability is Bitcoin’s high hashing rate, which has soared over the years.

About Avalon 1346

The Avalon 1346 is the flagship model of the Avalon family, and its features make it the best-performing cryptocurrency miner. The device has an impressive 110 TH/s hash rate, which means it can dig 110 trillion times per second. In a pool, this hash rate means a higher chance of resolving a block than a miner with a lower hash rate.

In addition, it has an energy efficiency consumption of 30J/TH, which is very energy efficient. The lower the energy, the higher the consumption, and the higher the profitability of mining operations, since electricity accounts for the majority of mining costs. The Avalon 1346 uses less energy than other high-end mining equipment, reducing operating costs and improving profitability. With a power consumption of only 3,300W, the Avalon 1346 miner is a cost-effective investment for miners seeking maximum returns.

In addition, the machine uses SHA-256, the same algorithm used in Bitcoin. This ensures that the machine is optimized for Bitcoin, the world’s most valuable and most widely used cryptocurrency. With its high hashing rate and low energy consumption, Avalon 1346 can generate large amounts of Bitcoin every day, making it an attractive investment for miners.

Advantages of Avalon 1346

In addition to its performance, the design of the Avalon 1346 provides for simple maintenance and repair, saving miners time and money on maintenance activities. The Avalon 1346 is durable, utilizes high-quality components, and is designed to withstand the rigors of continuous operation. The Avalon 1346 is known for its reliability, with a proven durability and performance record. An innovative cooling system is included to prevent overheating, ensure optimal performance and extend the life of mining equipment. It features the latest security protocols to protect mining operations and the cryptocurrency assets being mined. And comes with a user-friendly interface that allows miners to monitor and control their machines from one location. The device is easy to set up and comes with detailed instructions, making it easy for first-time miners to get started. In addition, the Avalon team provides 24/7 technical support to ensure that any questions or concerns are addressed promptly, minimizing downtime and increasing productivity.


The Avalon 1346 miner is a high-performance and cost-effective investment for miners seeking maximum returns. Its high hash rate, energy efficiency, and optimized Bitcoin mining performance make it an attractive option for serious miners. In addition, its user-friendly interface and ease of setup and maintenance make it accessible even to first-time miners. Overall, Avalon 1346 is a reliable and profitable mining machine that can help miners take their cryptocurrency mining to the next level. X-ON MINGING currently has a variety of Avalon machines for sale, so if you’re considering purchasing some encryption equipment as an investment, please feel free to contact us, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible with the highest quality service available.

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