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Jasminer X16-P, unlocking the potential of crypto mining

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Jasminer X16-P, unlocking the potential of crypto mining


In the world of cryptocurrencies, mining is a fundamental process that powers blockchain networks and enables the creation of new digital assets. Mining machines play a crucial role in this process. Jasminer X16-P has attracted the attention of mining enthusiasts with its advanced features and efficiency. Jasminer X16-P serves as a powerful mining device designed to maximize mining performance and maximize profitability. In this paper, we explore the features, specifications, and mining capabilities of Jasminer X16-P, which has become the go-to choice for cryptocurrency miners seeking to optimize their mining operations.

High mining efficiency

Jasminer X16-P is designed to provide impressive mining efficiency, achieving a hash rate of 5.8GH/s and power consumption of 1900W, making it ideal for crypto miners. Supported by advanced mining dedicated hardware, it provides superior hashing capabilities and energy efficiency. Minimizing power consumption while maintaining optimal mining performance, can reduce electricity costs and improve the profitability of miners. X16-P miner is optimized to mine cryptocurrencies leveraging the EtHash algorithm, allowing miners to achieve faster and more profitable results for maximum mining revenue.

Strong performance and quality

The X16-P miner is equipped with the most advanced components, and the latest chip configuration, and has the processing power required for complex cryptographic computations. It features a powerful ASIC(Application Specific integrated circuit)miner, which gives miners the flexibility to mine multiple cryptocurrencies with a single machine while being able to provide ultra-high hash rates. This enables miners to quickly process transactions and solve mathematical puzzles, increasing their mining productivity and achieving more substantial gains. Mining requires a rugged and reliable machine that can operate continuously under demanding conditions. Jasminer X16-P employs high-quality components and undergoes rigorous testing to ensure durability and stability. With a reputation for reliability, this miner reduces downtime and minimizes the risk of hardware failures, enabling miners to focus on their mining activities without unnecessary interruptions, improving mining efficiency.

Optimized cooling system

Cryptocurrency mining puts a lot of pressure on the hardware and generates a lot of heat, which must be managed effectively to maintain optimal performance. The efficient heat dissipation not only helps to prolong the life of the hardware but also ensures the consistency of mining performance. Jasminer X16-P miner is equipped with an advanced cooling system including multiple fans and efficient heat dissipation mechanisms. This ensures that the miner stays cool during long mining sessions, minimizing the risk of hardware damage while maintaining maximum performance.

Friendly interface and compact design

Ease of use is a crucial factor for miners, especially those new to cryptocurrency mining. X16-P Miner has a user-friendly interface that allows miners to easily monitor their mining operations and adjust the Settings according to their requirements. With intuitive controls and comprehensive monitoring tools, the X16-P miner simplifies the mining process and enables miners to optimize their efficiency and profitability. At the same time, the size of the X16-P miner is 212 x 300 x 374mm, and the design is relatively compact, which can place more devices in the limited space, which can maximize space-saving.

Enhanced connectivity and compatibility

X16-P miner offers broad compatibility with various mining software and has multiple connection options that ensure seamless integration into existing mining setups. It has USB and Ethernet ports that allow miners to connect multiple devices to enhance scalability. The compatibility of the X16-P miner with popular mining pools and mining pool software further extends its versatility and ease of integration.


Jasminer X16-P is a powerful and efficient mining device designed to revolutionize the cryptocurrency mining experience. With its superior performance, powerful cooling system, user-friendly interface, and multiple connectivity options, the X16-P miner enables miners to maximize their mining potential. Whether you are an experienced miner or just starting your mining journey, Jasminer X16-P provides the tools you need to unlock the potential of crypto mining and seize the opportunities offered by the dynamic world of digital currencies. Get ready to dive into the world of cryptocurrency mining with Jasminer X16-P! Now X-ON MINING can provide the latest offers and promotions on X16-P miners, contact us to get a quote on all kinds of cryptocurrency miners, we can provide any type of mining model, please don’t miss out.

Jasminer X16-P

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