Canaan is Pride of Avalon Made A1366

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Canaan is Pride of Avalon Made A1366

Learn about Avalon Made A1366

In November 2022, the Avalon Made A1366 was launched at Canaan, one of the world’s leading mining machine manufacturers. It represents a new level of technology in Canaan, computing, and beyond. At the same time, they optimize the heat dissipation and stability of the machine, so that the machine can run more stably. Canaan’s new generation ASIC mining machine, the Avalon  A1366 is getting much attention in the global mining market. The device uses new chip technology and other state-of-the-art technologies to provide miners with a more efficient mining experience.

Features of Avalon Made A1366

First, let’s look at the technical specifications of Avalon Made A1366. The computing power of the device can be up to 130TH/s and the power efficiency is 25J/TH. The A1366 represents a significant increase in computing power and energy efficiency over the Avalon 1246 previously released. This means that with the same amount of computing power, the mining machine has a lower energy cost, which allows miners to get high profits without having to worry about the cost of electricity. It also offers greater stability and a lower failure rate, allowing miners to operate it with greater confidence. Avalon Made A1366 a success because of its technological innovations. The device uses the latest chip technology, which means the base of the chip can be more compact and efficient. The use of the new technology also allows Avalon to make A1366 more energy efficient and provide faster data transfer speeds through connection optimization.

In addition, Avalon Made A1366 uses sensors and intelligent control hardware to allow miners to easily monitor equipment status and make necessary management and adjustments anytime, anywhere. This feature is very important for miners because it helps them to capture the market while reducing the risk of management equipment and quickly detecting potential problems, avoiding the situation of long downtime after the failure of the mining machine. In addition, the device is equipped with a reliable protection mechanism to effectively protect the device from primary voltage fluctuations and electromagnetic radiation during operation, thus making it last longer. In the mining market, the arrival of Avalon Made A1366 has also changed the competitive landscape of mining machines. Its introduction gives miners multiple options, more options, and the decision to replace equipment. In addition, due to the low cost required to build and maintain the Avalon Made A1366, miners can significantly increase their ROI (return on investment) without having to worry about the cost of equipment. In effect, that means investing in the Avalon Made A1366 offers a higher rate of return than other devices with the same amount of power. Avalon Made A1366 is very good value for money. The price is not particularly high, and the mining machine’s excellent performance, and good stability, but is also equipped with advanced control hardware, so the market adds a strong choice.


Avalon Made A1366 is available to the public to the surprise and attention of the global market. The use of new technology, in terms of computing power and energy efficiency has been greatly improved and has higher stability and lower failure rate, which makes it a very attractive mining machine product in the market. Miners can easily monitor the operating status of equipment and make adjustments according to different conditions. Overall, Avalon Made A1366 a significant milestone for the entire mining market, advancing mining technology and increasing the return on investment for miners. The equipment will give miners more security in their investment, and will also help mine development and technological progress. If you are also interested in A1366, please contact us for the latest quotation.

Avalon Made A1366

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