Bitmain’s newly released Antminer D9

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Bitmain’s newly released Antminer D9


Cryptocurrency mining has become a popular way for individuals and businesses to earn Bitcoin and other digital currencies. However, with so much mining hardware to choose from, choosing the right equipment can be challenging. The most popular option on the market right now is the newly released Antminer D9 by Bitmain, which is a leading company in the cryptocurrency industry, so it has no doubt released a new machine that has been embraced by miners around the world. Let’s take a look at the performance of this machine.


Antminer D9 was released in February 2023 and was designed specifically for mining Dash, a popular cryptocurrency that uses the X11 algorithm. It quickly became popular among miners because of its high hashing rate and efficient power consumption. It barely changes in size from the previous BitContinental miner. It measures 316 x 430 x 570mm by width, weighs 16.2kg and is clad in metal. Antminer D9 achieved a hash rate of 1.77TH/S, which means it can perform trillions of calculations per second to solve the complex mathematical equations needed to mine Dash. The power is 2839W, which means that in terms of power consumption, this is relatively high compared to some other miners on the market, but its hashing rate is still relatively efficient. So if you’re thinking about investing in it, you also need to consider the local cost of electricity. The equipment uses BitContinental’s proprietary ASIC chips, which are known for high efficiency and reliability, enabling efficient and effective mining. Antminer D9 also has a built-in web interface for easy monitoring and managing devices. In addition, it has multiple mining modes, including one-man mining and pool mining, giving miners more flexibility in choosing mining. It features 4 fans for cooling, which ensures optimal performance and the life of the equipment. Overall, Antminer D9 is a powerful and efficient cryptocurrency mining device designed for mining Dash. It is important to note that power consumption may vary based on factors such as ambient temperature, network difficulty, and the particular mine pool being used. However, as with any mining device, profitability depends on factors such as the price of cryptocurrencies, the cost of electricity and the difficulty of networking. It is important for miners to consider these factors carefully before investing in any mining equipment.


Overall, Antminer D9 is a powerful and efficient cryptocurrency mining device designed for mining Dash. Its high hashing rate, power efficiency, and immaculate design make it a popular choice for cryptocurrency miners.X-ON MINING is a company that sells mining machines for a long time. It is famous for its high-quality service and superb technical team, and it has been well received by encryption enthusiasts around the world. If you are interested in the crypto industry, please do not miss, please contact us immediately, we will be the first time to reply you.

Antminer D9

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