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Bitmain S19 pro VS Whatsminer M30s+

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Bitmain S19 pro VS Whatsminer M30s+

Bitmain S19 pro

The S19 pro miner is designed with an integrated chassis and power supply. Its bare metal size is 370*195.5*290mm. It can be placed horizontally or vertically according to the height space of the mine shelf, and its mass is 13.2KG.

The heat dissipation of the mining machine is designed with front and rear double fans. The outer surface of the fan is equipped with a mesh cover, which will prevent the mine operation and maintenance personnel from accidentally touching the blades and cause injury, which can effectively protect the safety of the operation and maintenance personnel. There is a grille on the back of the fan. , which effectively prevents foreign particles from entering the high-speed rotating fan and hitting the hash board.

The voltage of a single fan is 12V, the current is 1.65A, the maximum speed is 6150rpm, and the maximum air volume is 197cfm. According to the change of the series-parallel characteristics of the fans, the design of the parallel fans on one side of the mining machine significantly increases the ventilation volume, and the serial design of the fans on both sides of the mining machine also significantly enhances the resistance of the mining machine to environmental resistance, and the ventilation volume of the mining machine does not increase significantly. There will be violent fluctuations with changes in the mining environment.

The computing power board inside the S19pro miner uses a whole heat sink for heat dissipation. The heat sink is a streamlined design. Although the wind resistance is not much reduced, the design of the heat sink can effectively increase the heat diffusion area of the chip, so that the Heat can be evenly and quickly transferred to the heat sink.

The integrated design of S19pro miner makes the structure more compact and reasonable, and its thermal design is also very reasonable. The combination of fan and heat sink ensures good heat dissipation of the miner. In the running state, the average computing power of the mining machine is 111.8TH/s, the power consumption is about 3320W, and the actual air volume is 370cfm. In the hot summer weather, the air outlet of the mining machine can withstand the wind temperature increased to 61 degrees Celsius, and the relative humidity The tolerance range is more than 30-90%, which greatly improves the adaptability of mining machines to mining farms.


Whatsminer M30s+

In order to ensure the heat dissipation capacity, the body of the Whatsminer M30S is made of all-metal materials except for the fan module. The surface of the body is also preset with large-area heat dissipation fins and ventilation holes. Metal grilles are installed on the surfaces of the two fans, one front (air inlet) and one rear (air outlet), which can protect the fan blades and the power board and prevent users from accidentally touching them.

In terms of appearance, the Whatsminer M30S adopts a classic and extremely simple barrel design in the industry, with a body size of 390x150x225mm and a weight of 10.5kg. On the basis of ensuring stable placement, the rectangular body on all sides minimizes the space occupied on the left and right to a minimum, which is convenient for multi-miner collaborative mining.

The main interface of Whatsminer M30S is only one Ethernet interface, one TF card firmware interface and one power interface. In terms of buttons, there are only 1 restart button, 1 IP address button, and 1 running status light module (red/green), and the minimalist and professional design ideas have been implemented to the extreme.

Whatsminer M30S has a total of 3 computing power boards, each of which is equipped with dense ASIC chips. The aluminum alloy heat dissipation fins on both sides of the hash board are bonded to the chip with silicone grease and fixed with 26 spring screws.

whatsminer m30s+

Xingjia miner found out after comparing the performance indicators of whatsminer M30s+ and bitmain s19pro

  1. During the test period (the past three days), the average computing power of the Antminer S19Pro was 110.7TH/s, which was 0.6% higher than the official advertised level (110TH/s). The average computing power of Whatsminer M30S+ is 98.1TH/s, which is 1.9% lower than the advertised level (100TH/s). On the other hand, Whatsminer M30S+ mining machine is more stable.
  2. In terms of energy efficiency ratio, both miners perform well. The energy efficiency ratio of Whatsminer M30S+ mining machine is 34.4J/TH, and the energy efficiency ratio of Antminer S19Pro is 29.7J/TH.
  3. In terms of the cooling effect of the mining machine, the average temperature of the ant mining machine is 45.9°C at a distance of about 15 cm from the air outlet of the mining machine and perpendicular to the main airflow, which is 10° lower than that of the Whatsminer mining machine. C or so. This may be due to the lower power consumption of the Antminer or its better cooling effect.
  4. In terms of miner startup time, after 5 attempts, the Antminer reached the target hashrate in about 4 minutes, while the Whatsminer miner took about 27 minutes.

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