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Blockchain Life 2023 is the 10th annual Global Forum on Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, and Mining, which took place in Dubai on February 27-28. The event was attended by key industry players, government representatives, heads of international companies, funds, investors, promising start-up teams, and beginners. The forum is a meeting point for advanced crypto viewers including World Crypto Whale.

Blockchain Life 2023

X-ON MINING also participated in this activity and had cordial exchanges with encryption enthusiasts from all over the world. During the event, we listened to some speeches from various encryption experts and also participated in some discussion activities. We had very close discussions with various professionals in the industry. At the same time, it has also been favored by visitors from all over the world. Many ideas in the encryption industry have reached consensus with them and facilitated cooperation.

With the help of this activity, we actively communicated with people from all walks of life in the industry. Many new and old customers showed great interest in us and proposed their intention to cooperate with us through this opportunity. We also warmly welcome all customers to communicate with us and jointly look forward to the future of the crypto industry and achieve win-win results through cooperation.

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